A biodegradable periodontal chip releasing 2.5mg Chlorhexidine Gluconate over a period of 10 days

Novel OTC formulation

Novel Formulation of a well-known US OTC Brand

Omeprazole DR Tablets

Proprietary Delayed Release Tablet Formulation of Omeprazole OTC

Complex Injectable

Complex injectable product equivalent to a well-known brand in the oncology field; Co-developed with CSPC Pharma

ViePax® XR
(Venlafaxine XR tablets)

Proprietary Extended Release Tablet formulation bioequivalent to capsule Effexor XR capsules

Available jobs
# JB-456
אנליטיראי/ת QC

Sales & Marketing
# JB-41
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Regularly visit health care professionals in various fields of care (primary care physicians and specialists);  actively market and promote prescription drugs with doctors, hospitals and the general medical community (clinics, pharmacies, etc.); attend professional and medical conferences.

  • Academic education in life sciences/ allied health professions – mandatory
  • Previous experience as a sales representative in the healthcare industry – mandatory
# JB-5
RA Project Manager

Preparing dossiers for new products for submission to the relevant regulatory and health authorities; preparing document for renewing marketing authorizations, preparing and submitting regulatory variations and handling all other requirements as dictated by the relevant regulatory and health authorities.

  • Pharmacist with degree in science
  • Masters degree – considered an advantage
  • High level English mandatory
# JB-4
Research & Development Project Manager

Supporting and guiding new manufacturing processes, improving existing manufacturing processes, data analysis and conclusions

  • Engineering degree in biology, chemistry or other related fields
  • Background and previous experience in a pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing facility – considered an advantage
  • Knowledge of materials and processes for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical tablets
# JB-73
Pharmacist for Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance Dept

Reporting side effects and adverse events to the relevant regulatory and health authorities.  Review and analysis of relevant literature, processing and recording data.

  • Pharmacist – mandatory
  • Masters Degree – considered an advantage
  • High level English mandatory
# JB-20
Lab Chemist
  • Academic education in chemistry
  • Good chemistry understanding and wide knowledge in the area
  • Prior experience with analytical tools – HPLC/GC will be considered as an advantage